Personalized Greek Lessons

Lessons are planned according to the student’s needs and interests to optimize the student's time and make it enjoyable!  Our students find this method a very fulfilling way to learn Greek.



Who is this course for?

  • Persons who want to learn Greek, and are not interested in taking the Certificate of Attainment in Greek exams or any other certificate.
  • Persons with a special interest where knowing Greek would be helpful for them to better understand and communicate. For example: business, religion, sports etc.
  • Persons who tried the Certificate course and decided that a more personalized approach would suit them better.
  • Persons with mild learning disabilities, that need a more flexible and fluid learning environment.  We try our best to overcome problems caused by learning disabilities by applying our experience and attention to the individual’s unique circumstances. We have found that this helps to make learning more enjoyable and successful for them rather than structured courses.


What will happen during the lessons?

Based on the student’s interests we will use audio, video, articles and any resources that will make the learning meaningful, successful and fun!



Can I still take the Certificate of Attainment in Greek?

Of course.  Since you will be learning the language, you can comprehend and perform well at your level related exam.  However, if this is your intention, we can structure some lessons to prepare you specifically for the exam.