Teaching Greek as a Second Language

Enhance proficiency in teaching Greek as a second language. Learn how to use your skills online.


There is a plethora of Greek language teachers on the internet. Very few of them have the experience to deliver easily absorbable lessons. Students facing these difficulties become frustrated and resort to stopping lessons or searching for better teachers.

This course will help improve your teaching skills and optimize your online presentations. Students will enjoy your lessons and be more engaged. Our teaching team has taught more than 7.000 lessons since 2013 and as a result we have developed tried and tested methods to optimize our lessons.  We can help to enhance your skills to be a successful Greek as a Second Language teacher as well!



Who will benefit from this the course?

  • Greek language teachers with a Bachelor degree in Greek Language.
  • Greek language teachers with a Master degree in Teaching Greek as a Second language.

(English language proficiency is required.)



What will you encounter during the course?

This four week course has two parts:

  • The 12 hour didactic portion, using online classes and video material.
  • Up to 8 hours of practical training and personal coaching, where you will be able to apply your course work and improve your skills.



Who are the instructors?

Vasiliki Baskou, Program Director will be the lead instructor.  Selected instructors from our team will be included in your training.




If you are interested in the course, contact us.





780 euros




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