Skype - PC Requirements

In order to have Online Greek Lessons, your will need the following:

  • A PC or laptop.  Tablets and smartphones are not recommended for two reasons: a) they connect through wifi, b) we may use an online whiteboard which is not very usable on these devices.
  • Skype software. You can download Skype free of charge.
  • A web camera.
  • A headset (preferable), or microphone and speakers.
  • High-speed internet connection. You need at least 500 kbps upload and 500 kbps download speed (see How much bandwidth does Skype need?). You can use the following link to test the speed of your internet connection:

It is much better to use a wired connection between your pc or laptop and your modem/router, instead of a wifi (see Getting The Best Connection For Skype).

It may save time if you test Skype video conference with a friend, before connecting with us for the first time.



We do Online Greek Lessons via Skype