Frequently Asked Questions


  • I have booked a lesson and I need to canel or reschedule it. How can I do it?

You will need to contact your instructor. Please be aware of our Lessons Cancelation Policy



  • I booked my first lesson. Now how do I pay?

Click the following button and we will send you a link to make a payment.

Request a Link to Make a Payment



  • I am concerned about online payments. How do I know it is safe to use my credit card?

We never see or store your credit card information.




  • I have a question about a phrase in Greek language. May I send you an email, will you answer me?

For such requests, you are welcome to use our free service Ask Greek.


  • While I can connect with ZOOM, my microphone and camera do not seem to work. What should I do?

Make sure you have the latest version of zoom, which you can download and install from here:

Then try this link to test your zoom setup:

Make sure your microphone and camera are activated. See the two icons on the lower left of the screen.  Here are the instructions:

Lastly, make sure your computer setup is capable for ZOOM meetings (see the PC Requirements ).


  • Is there a way for me to evaluate my current level of Greek knowledge?

If you already have some Greek language background, we encourage you to check the European language levels - Self Assessment Grid (English-pdf), to determine in which of of the six CEFR levels you qualify.   See which square best describes your abilities in the language.


  • How can I recommend your school on Facebook?

Click on the picture bellow, then click Yes.