GCSE in Modern Greek Course

What is GCSE?


The GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) is an academic qualification in a particular subject, such as English Literature, English Language, Greek Language, Mathematics, Science, History, etc.  The certification test is taken in England, Wales, and Northern Ireland.  Find out more in Wikipedia GCSE.


Who is this course for?


Typically for young students in the UK area, during school years 9 or 10, who need to qualify for and obtain the GCSE Greek Language certification.


 What will you learn?


Beginners will start Learning Greek the elementary level. Advanced learners, will be taught based on existing Greek skill level. The focus will always be on the student successfully completing the Greek Language GCSE exam.


Course Material


GCSE students’ coursebooks along with other books and audio material suitable for your level of Greek.




Studies typically last two or three academic years, starting in school year 9 or year 10 for the majority of students, with examinations being taken at the end of Year 11.


GCSE Greek Academic advisors


We work closely with experienced UK-based Greek academic advisors. They advise on our course structure and update us with the latest Greek GCSE exam developments.

Native Greek GCSE Tutors


You will learn Greek with a native Greek teacher based in Greece. The Native Greek teacher will provide an in depth learning experience, including training your pronunciation to be correct and natural.




The GSCE Courses follow the same fee schedule as the other courses.
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