One-to-one lessons for levels: A1, A2, B1, B2
lesson duration: 50 min

Number of LessonsFees
10 250 EUR
5 135 EUR
1 30 EUR



One-to-one lessons for levels: C1, C2
lesson duration: 50 min

Number of LessonsFees
10 300 EUR
5 160 EUR
1 35 EUR



One-to-one lessons for Young Children (Half Session)
lesson duration: 25 min

Number of LessonsFees
10 180 EUR
5 95 EUR
1 20 EUR



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  • If you need to arrange lessons after 22:00 London time, there is 25% extra charge.
  • Different fees apply for small groups.
  • You may book lessons without making any payment. However, the booked lessons will be cancelled 48 hours before the appointment time if there is no payment.


Single Lesson Cancellation Policy

  • You may cancel or reschedule a lesson up to 12 hours before the appointment time, without any charge.
  • Cancellation or lesson rescheduling in less than 12 hours will cause a 50% fee to be withheld.
  • Lesson time lost due to technical reasons (bad connections, power failure, device breakdown etc), is replaced without any charge.
  • In case of no connection at all due to technical reasons, please inform us within 24 hours after the missed lesson, for the charge to be waived.


Refund Policy

  • If you choose to discontinue the lessons, the fees for the lessons you paid for but were not completed will be refunded.
  • A full refund of remaining lessons is possible within 20 days of the purchase. After that, a 5% processing fee is withheld.
  • If you request a partial refund on a discount package, then the lessons you completed will be charged according to the non discounted fess.