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Who we are


We are a team of native Greek teachers, coaching adults and children in modern Greek since 2013.

Online lessons are offered as one-to-one or in small groups, via Zoom.

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How we helped others


This is Emanuela from Bulgaria.  She took the B1 exam (Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek) and passed it the first time.

Hear Simon from UK, how he improved his Greek language skills.

Hear Kristin from Germany, who now can speak in Greek with the locals, whenever she visits Crete.

Hear Michael from Munich, who moved to Geece and can hold everyday conversations.


More experiences from our students.


Learn Greek with a native Greek teacher


Sound Natural

Speak and sound more natural. Learn also the colloquial language. Not as if you are reading from an old textbook

Correct Pronunciation

So people can understand what you are saying

Cultural Elements

Learn Greek habits, customs, greetings, foods, and celebrations


You will be looking forward to our next lesson



Highly personalized lessons that address your specific needs, so you learn faster


Our lessons include: Songs, Videos, Topics that interest you, Funny material


Take the lessons from the comfort of your home or office

Save time

There is no need to commute to Greek school

Greek Lessons and Custom Courses

Each lesson is designed for your own needs.  Since every student is different, our courses are very flexible.  We may give different or extra homework to different students, even if they theoretically follow the same course or textbook.  Depending on your needs you can select one of the following courses:

Flexible schedule


Plan your lessons according to your needs with our flexible online booking system.  Perfect for people with a busy or irregular schedule.


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Free Question & Answer Forum

Visit Ask Greek, our free Question&Answer forum. Anybody can ask a question about the Greek language.  Vasiliki will personally answer.  Here are some of the most viewed questions:

Scientific Evidence - Effectiveness of Online Lessons


The U.S. Department of Education conducted a statistical analysis that combined the results of multiple scientific studies. One of the findings was that "instruction conducted entirely online is as effective as classroom instruction".

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A group of tenth grade students was taught via an online classroom, i.e., teacher and students were meeting through a webconference software, used online whiteboard etc.  Another group of of tenth grade students was taught the same material through a traditional face to face class. Achievement was higher among the students of the online class than the face to face class.

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