Learning Greek

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I took the B1 exam (Certificate of Attainment in Modern Greek) and I passed it, the first time. Now I am looking forward to the B2 exam next year.


Emanuela Nikolova
Finance Director
Domino's Pizza
Sofia, Bulgaria

She encouraged me and put me at ease right from the start. And after a session with Vasiliki I always felt so uplifted.

I think a huge leap forward. I’ve gained considerable insight into Greek.


Simon Windeler
Teacher of English as a Foreign Language

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I noticed each time I went (to Crete) that I understood more, that people were more willing to speak Greek with me instead of English or German or French or something.


Kristin, certified MBSR teacher

We are in Greece now. Vasiliki assessed what we needed so we focused a lot on everyday situations, like shopping or going out or communicating with the plummer or electrician.


Dr. Michael A.
Munich, Germany

I can tell you that I am very pleased with Nefeli. I think it's a good exercise to have these lessons to familiarize themselves with the language and I am impressed that Nefeli seems to have a curriculum she is going by at each child's pace. As for the kids ability to speak the language which is still lagging, that is the fault of the parents who don't speak Greek at home. :)

Theodossis Zacharis & Christina Rho, Florida - US

Vasiliki is a wonderful teacher. Her method is very effective in achieving steady progress in the language even through remote sessions. Most importantly, she is very successful in keeping children interested and engaged during their time on Skype. They look forward to it every week!

Ethel Psilou
Geneva, Switzerland

Greek language student Maria

Learning Greek had become very challenging due to a demanding work schedule as well as family responsibilities as a mother of two very small children. I was almost ready to give up when I came across Vassiliki and Learn-Greek-Online. It has given me the ultimate flexibility and thanks to the booking/cancellation feature I can also pick lesson times that fit around my lifestyle. Finally I can continue my Greek studies from the confort of my home or from any location! Even while on vacation. ευχαριστώ πολύ.

Maria Zaballa, Switzerland

Being of Greek ancestry and having family in Greece I have wanted and struggled to learn the Greek language for a long time. Having gone through a few different Greek teachers in New York City I could not find one I clicked with or taught me anything useful. After a few lessons with Vasiliki I found someone to teach me proper Greek from a native speaker who is extremely qualified. Not only have I learned so much but the lessons are also extremely rewarding and fun. I’ve been with Vasiliki over 7 months now and have enjoyed every minute of it. When I was in Thessaloniki a few months ago visiting a friend I had the privilege of meeting her and her husband and we had a great time together. I no longer see her as a professor teaching me Greek but also as a friend.

Michael P. Mihailos, NYC

Greek language student Michael next to his teacher
Greek language student Vasilia

Geia sou Vasiliki,

I am writing to thank you for my Greek Lessons with you over the last twelve months. From the very start of my lessons, you added so much to the very little Greek I already knew that now I have the knowledge and confidence to now speak Greek when necessary.Your patience and enthusiasm in my progress urged me on and the homework you gave me each week helped me to read and write, and with the help of a Greek Dictionary as well, my vocabulary has improved.

Thank you Vasiliki.

Vasilia Margetis
Sydney, Australia

Vasiliki is a wonderful teacher! She is very focused and extremely dedicated! Undoubtably, she is highly qualified to teach children!

We are a Greek family leaving abroad. Vasiliki is teaching our 9 year old daughter for a year and managed to create a strong personal relationship with her. Through various pedagogical methods she keeps her highly motivated to explore and learn the Greek language and culture, which results to a continuous progress! Our daughter, since taught by Vasiliki, has significantly improved her grammar and spelling, as well as her syntaxe and reading. She has also developed her written and oral expression. This has been proved obvious to our family and friends in Greece, as well. Vasiliki, has also introduced our daughter to the Greek Mythology to which she reacted with great excitement. She is now looking forward to an introduction to Greek History, as from the next academic year!

The education of our children is our absolute priority. As a result, when required to select an educator, we are parents with very high quality standards. Vasiliki, certainly meets a 100% our criteria.

Patrick & Angela Comninos
Geneva, Switzerland

After studying greek on my own for a while I arrived to a point that I needed somebody with a profound knowledge of the language to teach me grammar rules and accent. Vasiliki is a great teacher and helped me to considerably improve in a relatively short time. Moreover, she is very friendly and flexible, the lessons with her are always fun. Thanks to her now I can communicate with the family and friends of my boyfriend. Τη συνιστώ ανεπιφύλακτα! (I highly recommend her!).

Ileana Cantú, Milan-Italy

I have now been having Greek Lessons with Vasiliki via Skype for 10 months. My Greek has definitely improved and am able to converse on everyday subjects as well as following the text book lessons. Vasiliki has given me more confidence to actually use the Greek I know when in Cyprus. She was very easy to get along with on my first lesson with her and we now speak as if we are good friends. I would have no hesitation in recommending Vasiliki to my friends or anyone else.

Julie Stacey, Hampshire UK

Nov 2016

Skype lessons with Vasiliki are always fun and she is always encouraging. Her love of the Greek language shows through in her enthusiasm for lessons.

I am learning the language much more quickly with Vasiliki than before I started with her. She is very focused on my individual learning and has even created extra worksheets for areas where I have trouble.

Chris W, Minnesota - USA

Learn Greek Online is a fantastic resource for people of any level who wish to improve or begin learning Greek. Vasiliki is an excellent teacher - her patience, the depth of her knowledge and her always thorough preparation mean that there is never a wasted minute during the lesson. Additionally, the flexible and user-friendly booking system really makes it simple to build the lessons in to a busy daily routine. I strongly recommend Learn Greek Online!


From a very early age, I have taken great interest in learning foreign languages and being in contact with new cultural scenarios. That’s why I more than recommend Vasiliki’s lessons: she has academic qualifications and knows extensively about Greek language (Modern or Ancient) and culture, and she also explains how some of the new words relate to English ones you use in your everyday life. Plus, she’s a native Greek speaker!

Caetano Souza, Brasilia, Brazil

My experience of learning Greek with Vasiliki has been fantastic! I have studied languages through various websites and attended a number of classes at university level, without a doubt I can say her methods and approach to teaching are brilliant!


With Vasiliki I feel like I am sitting on the couch, drinking coffee with a friend. We start talking half Greek, half English. She says something I do not understand and then she will explain. By the end of the session I know and I can use a new grammar rule.

William Berkson, Sheffield UK

I visit Greece almost every year and I wanted to learn how to communicate. Finding a teacher with good Greek accent in Osaka was impossible. I am lucky I have found Vasiliki's site. Not only she is the most qualified person for the job, she also knows how to make the lesson enjoyable.

Kento Kobayashi, Osaka - Japan