Greek for Tourists Course

Online Greek lessons, focused on dealing with common specific situations using basic language and reading skills.


Tourist Greek Course


What you will learn


  • The Greek alphabet.
  • Basic cultural elements.
  • Basic greetings.
    Γεια σου, τι κάνεις; = Hello, how are you?
    Καλά, εσύ; = Fine, and you?
  • How to introduce yourself.
    Λέγομαι Mary = My name is Mary.
    Είμαι από την Αγγλία = I am from England.
    Μιλάω λίγα Ελληνικά = I speak a little Greek.


  • Understanding signs in the street.


Doctor's office, clinic - ιατρείο

= doctor's office, clinic



Athens - Αθήνα

= Athens 7 (km)



  • At a restaurant or cafe.
    Έχετε μουσακά; = Do you have moussaka?
    Ναι, πόσες μερίδες παρακαλώ; = Yes, how many portions please?
    Ένα μπουκάλι νερό παρακαλώ. = A bottle of water please.
  • Ask and understand directions on the street.
    Πόσο μακριά είναι η παραλία; = How far away is the beach?
    Δύο χιλιόμετρα = Two kilometers.
    Πως θα πάω στο μουσείο; = How can I go to the museum?
    Προχώρα τρία τετράγωνα και στο φανάρι κάνε δεξιά = Go down three blocks and make a right on the traffic light.
  • Go shopping.
    Πόσο κάνει αυτό; = How much does this cost?
    Οκτώ ευρώ = Eight euros.
    Έχετε μικρότερο μέγεθος; = Do you have a smaller size?
  • Asking for help.
    Φωνάξτε ένα γιατρό = Call a doctor.




This course consists of ten lessons.