Greek Lessons for Children

Online Greek Lessons to help your child learn Greek or improve its Greek language skills.  These lessons are very useful if there is no access to Greek Language School or a better alternative is sought.



teaching kids greek online



What your child will learn

This depends on the kid's background:

  • Their age.
  • Whether they already speak Greek.
  • Their grammar and language level.

According to the child’s needs, interests and parent's requirements, the child will study :

  • Language (listening and reading comprehension, speaking and writing).
  • Grammar.
  • Greek mythology.
  • Greek history.



Find out if your child wants to learn Greek with us

  1. You meet us.  To discuss with us the specific needs of your child.  Tell us all your goals, concerns and desires. We will explain how we work with children, and and how we can meet your goals.  In order to meet with us, please book a Free Lesson.
  2. We meet your child.  Next we need to have a session/lesson with your child.  We will evaluate your child's learning level, see if they are engaging well with the teacher and how they react to the online lessons.  This is also a free session, no obligation on your part.
  3. You decide.  Finally, you will judge if your kid is able to handle the online process and engage well with the teacher.



Why choose us

  • Children are enthused with our teachers. We emphasize in creating a strong bond with them.
  • Children enjoy our lessons.  We typically use videos, music, modern books and any resources that will help make the lessons more engaging for your kid.  Brick & mortar Greek schools may use outdated books and methods that are not as appealing to young students.
  • To save time.  Both you and your child save the time from commuting to a traditional Greek school. One-to-one lessons are more efficient, therefore a faster way of learning for your kids.



Duration of lessons

A regular session is 50 minutes.  However younger kids may have difficulty concentrating for such a long time.  For those we have half-session lessons lasting only 25 minutes.




250 EUR per 10 lessons.

180 EUR per 10 half-session lessons.