Business Greek Course

Business Greek Lessons focus on people who need to use the Greek language at work.

English is the international language used for business. However someone may want to have an extra edge and be able to communicate in Greek when dealing with local customers or government agencies, especially if he has limited knowledge of the English language.

Import/export business, multinational corporations and international relations are some of the areas that may require such skills from non-Greek speakers.


What you will learn


If you are a beginner, we will start with the most basic business skills, like formal greetings. As we go on we will focus on both speaking and writing in situations like meetings, phone calls and writing letters/emails. With more advanced learners we will focus on business terminology related to your field.


After you contact us, we will discuss your specific needs and then we can design a series of lessons that will meet them.


Price: 300 EUR per 10 lessons.


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