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A while ago I asked about addressing Greeks as Mr and Mrs when they are not known personally to you and I understood that answer - however may I ask this further question?

If I am addressing a professional Greek female who, in UK, would be expected to be called Ms is it correct to use the word Κυρία followed by her surname even thought I think that Κυρία means she is married? Is there an equivalent of Ms in Greek?

I am presuming that you would never use the term δεσποινίδα except to a very young girl as an older woman might feel insulted!

Please explain


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Both Mrs and Ms are translated to “κυρία”.  Κυρία is a way to address a married woman.  It is also used to address a woman with respect if we are not very familiar with her or in formal speech, regardless of her marital status.

Δεσποινίς is used for young unmarried women.  It would be very uncommon if an older unmarried woman insisted to be called like this.  It would sound like a joke.

Here are the abbreviations:
Mr = Κος
Miss =  Διδα or Δις
Mrs = Κα
Ms = Κα
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