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People say repent means turn away from your sins but the Greek word 3340 means to change your mind so how can I or others repent in my life what does it mean how do I apply it

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Greek word 3340 (μετανοέω or μετανοώ):

The modern Greek word is μετανιώνω which means regret.

It is a compound word from μετά (G3326) and νοέω (G3539).

μετανοώ in a theological context means:
In front of God or a priest I admit my sins and I promise to change my life to the better.

So the meaning you are looking for is : I change my mind (regret) about my sins and as a result I turn away from them, I follow a new and better lifestyle, closer to God.

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metanoia and metaneo are the words most commonly used in the NT. You change your thoughts/beliefs. This change of thoughts produces a change in conduct. There are 9 different Hebrew and Greek words translated into some form of the English word repent. So it's best to avoid using the word altogether to avoid the confusion. It certainly doesn't meet the requirement of 1 Corinthians 14, to use words which are "easy to understand". The goal of communication is to convey your thoughts to another. Using such a word makes it impossible to know your precise meaning. And don't use the word if you can't articulate the precise meaning of the word from the original language. The definitions are quite varied.

You're better off being able to explain 'pisteuo' in John 3:18.