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I understood that in Modern Greek the use of double consonants had 'faded out'

The word for moon is spelt φεγγάρι but surely it is pronounced fengari.

Does this mean that γγ in the middle of a word is like ng sound?

I also seem to recall that I have seen moon spelt as φενγάρι somewhere before - or am I completely confused!

Thank you


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Γεια σου Ιάκοβε

The pronunciation of φεγγάρι is between fegari and fengari. Actually it is closer to fegari.  As for the spelling φενγάρι, it is completely wrong.

The double consonant γγ is usually pronounced as ng when it comes from the combination of the preposition εν and the letter γ.
έγγαμος < εν + γάμος   (engamos)  = married
εγγραφή < εν + γραφή   (engrafi)  = registration

In other cases  pronunciation could be either g or ng, depending on the word and the area of Greece you may be.

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