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I think that γίνομαι means I am made (or I am ready) and κάνω means I make, but it seems that in the future tense they overlap, e.g.  τι θα κάνουμε; and τι θα γίνουμε; seem very similar.  Is that right?
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"Γίνομαι" means "become".  Example:
Όταν κάνω χειμερινή κολύμβηση, γίνομαι πιο ανθεκτικός στο κρύο.  -  I become more resistant to the cold, when I swim in the winter.

In colloquial language it can also mean "be done":
Γίνεται η ομελέτα;   -  Is the omelete being done?
Έγινε η ομελέτα;     -  Is the omelete done?

"Κάνω" means I make or I do.

In the future tense, "τι θα κάνουμε;" means "what will we do?".  "Τι θα γίνουμε;" means "what will we become?".  It can also mean "what will happen to us?".  There are situations where you can use the above interchangeably.  Example:
Τώρα που έχασα τη δουλειά μου, τι θα γίνουμε; - I lost my job, what will happen to us now?
Τώρα που έχασα τη δουλειά μου, τι θα κάνουμε; - I lost my job, what will we do now?

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