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Γεία σας!

I have badly searched this word as it is, but in vain, I saw many other close possibilities, and I know that the meaning in to bless, but what is it exactly? how do we parse it?

Thank you!
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Hello Nona and Happy New Year!

Sorry for my delay to answer, but I was on holidays.

"ηυλογήθη" is an ancient Greek form and it means "he/she/it was blessed".

The verb in Present Tense Active Voice is "ευλογέω" or "ευλογώ" ( = I bless).

"ηυλογήθη" is Past Tense Passive Voice, third singular person.
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Happy new year for you too dear teacher. Thank you always.
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Γεία Nona

Sounds wrong having ηυ at start of a word.

The verb ευλογώ means 'bless' and 'to bless' would (I think) be  να ευλογήσει

Could this be the word you are thinking of?




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Γεία σου Ιάκοβε.
It is in Ancient Greek, for this reason i think the start of the verb is in ηυ. The problem is what is it exactly, you know in Ancient Greek there are lots of tenses.
Hello Nona
You may be right but I know little about ancient Greek!
Perhaps someone else will answer.
Thank you anyway. It is nice to share.