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What is the syntax of a question? Like the position of the question words, the difference between interrogative questions and yes/no questions etc.

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We do not follow any specific rules in Greek when we form questions. We follow the same rules of word order as when we make a statement. The interrogative tone in our voice makes the difference between a question and a statement.


Θα πας στο σπίτι; = Will you go home?

Ναι, θα πάω στο σπίτι.  = Yes, I will go home.

Θέλεις το ρολόι ή το βιβλίο; = Do you want the watch or the book?

Θέλω το βιβλίο. = I want the book.



When we use adverbs or pronouns in our questions, we usually put them in the beginning.

In the answers (statements), adverbs and pronouns are not put in the beginning, unless we want to emphasise on them.


Πού θα πας; = where will you go? (πού is adverb of place. It is put in the beginning of the question.)

Θα πάω εκεί. = I will go over there. (εκεί is adverb of place. It is put after the verb, because the phrase is a statement.)

Εκεί θα πάω. = Over there I will go. (εκεί is placed in the beginning for emphasis)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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