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How do I translate the phrase "For those I love, I will sacrifice." into Greek?


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"For those I love,I will sacrifice." = "Γι 'αυτούς που αγαπώ, θα θυσιαστώ"

or: "Γι' αυτούς που αγαπώ, θα γίνω θυσία"

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What is the difference between the 2?
Both phrases mean exactly the same thing. There is no difference.
If this was going to be a tattoo, which one would you use and why?
I would use the first one ("Γι 'αυτούς που αγαπώ, θα θυσιαστώ") because it is shorter.
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There is also another valid translation into Greek:
"Γι αυτούς που αγαπώ, θα θυσιάσω"

It is grammatically correct, isn’t it?

However this means I will sacrifice others, not to sacrifice myself.
Hello Kalistos

The phrase "Γι αυτούς που αγαπώ, θα θυσιάσω" is not equal to the others and it's not completely grammatically correct.
θα θυσιάσω comes from the verb θυσιάζω ( = I sacrifice somebody or something).  This verb is transitive, it needs an object. In other words you need to say whom you sacrifice. It would be grammatically correct if the sentence was: "Γι'αυτούς που αγαπώ θα θυσιάσω τον εαυτό μου." = " For those I love I will sacrifice myself".