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Does It come from μιλάω?

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Well.......I am just trying to get to grips with past tenses in verbs and it is the most difficult so far when teaching myself.

I think that this is the past tense and means 'I spoke'

Βασιλικί will be able to explain further. I think that there are changes involved depending on the number of syllables but I am guessing here!

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“μίλαγα” means “I was speaking”. It is first singular person of the verb “μιλάω” ( = to speak, to talk) in Past Continuous.

The normal conjugation of the verb “μιλάω” (and of other verbs belonging in the same group)in Past Continuous is this, according to the Grammar:

μιλούσα = I was speaking
μιλούσες = you were speaking
μιλούσε = he / she /it was speaking
μιλούσαμε = we were speaking
μιλούσατε= we were speaking
μιλούσαν/ μιλούσανε = they were speaking

However there is a more informal conjugation, used mostly in the oral speech:

μίλαγα = I was speaking
μίλαγες = you were speaking
μίλαγε = he / she /it was speaking
μιλάγαμε = we were speaking
μιλάγατε = we were speaking
μίλαγαν = they were speaking

The above informal conjugation is more common in central and south Greece.

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