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Is this sentence really correct? Or should it be "τελειώνω"?

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“Μόλις” always goes with the future form of the verb.  "τελειώνω" is present tense.

The future form of “τελειώνω” is “θα τελειώσω”.  However we the omit “θα” if it comes right after “μόλις”.  That is, instead of saying "μόλις θα τελειώσω", we say "μόλις τελειώσω". 

So the correct way to say it is:

μόλις τελειώσω θα έρθω


μόλις τελειώσω θα 'ρθω

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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Hi Vasiliki! Thank you very much! So the correct sentence would be: Μόλις θα τελειώσω θα έρθω. Or: Θα μόλις τελειώσω θα έρθω?
The correct way is:  "μόλις τελειώσω θα έρθω"
Just added it to my answer above.
Sorry, but now I am completely confused...! You wrote the "τελειώσω" needs a "θα". So I thought we need 2 x "θα"? In my originally sentence the one (and only) "θα" refers to the "ερθω", right? So were is the "θα" for the "τελειώσω"? Or do the one "θα" refers to both (τελειώσω and έρθω)? But that would mean that the originally sentence in the headline is correct?
I have updated my answer to answer all your questions.  Yes, the original sentence in the headline you wrote is correct