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I’ve got a phrase I would like to translate to Greek and want to make sure the context is right

I want to get the phrase ‘my people’ translated, the context behind it for me is that is has a double meaning:
My people - being my family/friends
My people - as a biblical reference (god calls us ‘my people’)
Of these two translations I’ve found below, which do you think has a more accurate context to fulfil the two meanings above? Or if there is another way to write ‘my people’ achieving this
• Ο λαός μου
• Οι άνθρωποί μου

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Αbout my family and friends, you would use "οι άνθρωποί μου for sure. "Ο λαός μου" is about people of a nation, followers, etc.

In case it has a biblical meaning, if God says it as creator of people, "οι άνθρωποί μου" (meaning "the people I created") would be accurate. On the other hand. if he speaks about different cultures and want to say something about a nation (e.g. "people of Israel"), λαός would be more accurate.

If you want both meanings, "λαός" would be more accurate in my opinion, because people are following God and at the same time are his creation, but you emphasizing on the following of God. In any case, the possessive "μου" (my), might be important.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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