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I see you have used the future tense, e.g. διαβάσω and μιλήσω (but without θα )

Thank you!

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You can use Present Tense after "προσπαθώ να"  if you refer to a repeated action.


Προσπαθώ να τρώω ελαφρά το βράδυ. = I try to eat light in the evenings. (να τρώω indicates an action that happens every day, a repeated action, a habbit)

You use Future form after "προσπαθώ να" if you refer to an action that happens once.


Προσπαθώ να φάω και δεν μπορώ, γιατί είμαι άρρωστος. = I try to eat but I cannot, because I am sick. (να φάω refers to an action that happens today or now, it's not repeated)

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