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Please translate these two sentences.
1) If I have cooked chicken, I would have finished. 2) If I had cooked chicken, I will had finished. Thank you.
The sentences are in Greek but when I put them in English, I don't get it. 1) Αν είχα μαγειρέματος κοτόπουλου, εγώ θα είχε τελειώσει. 2) Αν έχω μαγειρεμένο κοτόπουλου, θα μπούστα να έχω τελειώσει. Thank you for the help and sorry for the confusion.
The above sentences are grammatically incorrect.  This is why the translation does not make any sense.

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The above phrases are not grammatically corect and do not make sense to me.  Maybe you want to consult this guide about the first, second and third conditional:

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