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I am really unsure of this when speaking Greek on holiday.

If I want to say 'very expensive' the I might say πολύ ακριβός but...........if I want to say 'exactly' then it is also (I believe) ακριβώς but the final syllable has a ω.

So, as the τόνος is in the same place how would I express myself or would the listener realise from the rest of the sentence what I was meaning?

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Γεια σου Ιάκοβε

The two words ακριβώς and ακριβός have exactly the same pronunciation in modern Greek. The only way to distinguish the one from the other is the context.

It is almost impossible to be confused if you take the context into account. Don't forget that in all languages the context is essential when we try to communicate. We never interpret words out of their context.


-Είπες ότι θα έρθεις στις οκτώ; = Did you say that you will come at eight?

- Ακριβώς! = Exactly!


Πολύ ακριβός αυτός ο αναπτήρας! = This lighter is very expensive!

How likely it is to misinterpret the meaning of the words ακριβώς and ακριβός in the above expressions, if you consider the context?

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