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What are the words for familial love?

Love between married couples and love for friends?

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In all these cases in Greek we use the same word, "αγάπη".

For couples that feel in love and have passion for each other, the word "έρωτας" is more appropriate.

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i've been searching and πράγμα is used to describe love within marriage in ancient greek? is this right? thanks!
No, as far as I know, "πράγμα" does not mean "love within marriage" in ancient greek.
Some of the most common meanings of “πράγμα” in ancient and modern Greek are “thing”, “fact” or “circumstance”.
For example:
“Οι γονείς του Γιάννη αγαπιούνται πάρα πολύ. Αυτό είναι σπουδαίο πράγμα σ’ ένα γάμο.” = “Yianni’s parents love each other very much. This is a very important thing in a marriage.”
Therefore you might have seen something similar to the ebove example.