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what is the difference between "μη μου το δωσεις" and "μη μου το δινεις"

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“Μη μου το δίνες” and “μη μου το δώσεις” are two alternative ways to say “don't give it to me” in Greek.

The structure of “μη μου το δίνεις” is μη(ν) + ενεστώτας (present tense).
The structure of “μη μου το δώσεις” is μη(ν) + υποτακτική (conjuctive).

When we refer to something instant we can use both structures.
Question: Να σου δώσω ένα τσιγάρο; (Shall I give you a cigarete?)
Answer 1: Όχι, μη μου δίνεις. (No, don't give me)
Answer 2: Όχι μη μου δώσεις.

Both of the above answers are correct.

When we refer to a repeated situation or a situation with duration, we only use the first structure (μην + ενεστώτας).

Μην μου δίνεις το ίδιο φαγητό κάθε μέρα. (Don't give me the same food every day).

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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