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The word "κρυωμένος" is not an adjective. Ιt is passive past participle of the verb "κρυώνω" = I get cold.. 

κρυωμένος = Ι have a cold

Participles, generally, have many things in common with adjectives.

They have three grammatical genders (κρυωμένος->masc. / κρυωμένη -> fem. / κρυωμένο -> neuter)

They follow the inclination of adjectives


Nominative κρυωμένος

Genitive κρυωμένου

Accusative κρυωμένο

Vocative κρυωμένε

But participles come from a verb, so they have a Tense (Past tense in this case) and a Voice (Passive Voice in this case)

Adjectives do not have a Tense or a Voice.

As for the participle κρυωμένος, something odd happens with it. I comes from the verb κρυώνω. Although this verb does not have passive voice (we cannot say κρυώνομαι), it has passive past participle.

Such odd things are very common in Greek Grammar!

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