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Which is the correct word that translates to OK?  Is it εντάξη or εντάξει?

I would like to use this on a Greek website that I am building and replace the OK button.


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The correct spelling is εντάξει.

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I thank you very much.
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Actually it comes out of 2 words: "Εν+τάξη" which means "in order"...Ola Kala : Όλα Καλά.

In modern Greek it evolved to "εντάξει".  "ει" is used for adverbs, even though "εντάξει" is not one.

Here is an example from the US-English dialect:  "want to" becomes "wanna". "Εντάξει" is also a mistake that we got used to say and write.  No one wondered why it happens, as it happens with half of the modern Greek words.

The spelling of "εντάξει" is correct. It comes from the preposition "εν" = "in" and the ancient form of the word "τάξη" = "order" in Dative Case.

Here is the inclination of the word "τάξη" in ancient Greek:

Nominative:  η τάξις
Genitive:  της τάξεως
Dative:  τη τάξει
Accusative:  την τάξιν

The preposition "εν" in ancient greek was usually combined by a noun in Dative Case.

Another example: εντωμεταξύ = in the meanwhile
εν + τω μεταξύ (Dative Case)