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How does this word "τρομερό" work? On its own it gets translated to "awesome" while a simple sentence like "αυτό είναι τρομερό" gets translated to "this is terrible".

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The adjective "τρομερός (masc.), τρομερή (fem.), τρομερό (neut.)" has a double meaning:

1. awful, frightening, terrible

2. amazing, awesome.

The context guides us to decide which meaning fits in each sentence.


"Έχω τρομερό πονοκέφαλο!" = I have a terrible headache!"

"Έχει χιλιάδες θαυμαστές. Είναι τρομερή ηθοποιός!" = She has thousands of fans. She is an amazing actress!"

The two meanings of the word are actually related. "τρομερός" comes from the verb "τρέμω" = tremble. Tremor may be caused by fear or excitement.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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