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This may seem too simple a question but.............................................

I write in Greek  Έζησα στην Κύπρος το 2013'  meaning I stayed in Cyprus in 2013 - but if I speak this would I say for 2013  'δύο χιλιάδες δεκατρία'  for 2013? as I  English conversation I would tend to say twenty thirteen and not 2 thousand and thirteen. Please advise the correct Greek way.

Also please help! As I meant to say I lived un Cyprus (not on holiday) could I also have used  Μένω  as I think that if I asked where someone lives I must say   που μένεισ  and  not  που ζέις!!


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Γεια σου Ιάκοβε

In Greek for the date 2013 we say "δύο χιλιάδες δεκατρία" and not "είκοσι δεκατρία" The second version is completely wrong.

In the specific context that you gave you can use the verbs "έζησα" or "έμεινα" interchangeably. There is not an important difference in this context.

The questions "Πού ζεις;" and "Πού μένεις;", though, have a different meaning in Greek.

"Πού ζεις;"  means "In which country do you live?" and "Πού μένεις;"  means "What is your address?"
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