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Could you please tell me, what's the meaning of the word "Ἐγκόλπιος"?

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"Εκγόλπιο" has two meanings:

1) Jewel or small plate with decorative or symbolic writings/drawings, hung with a chain from the neck and lies on the chest.  It is used also for Christian crosses.

2) Also used for titles of reference books or guides in simple language, usually of small size.  ex: "Εγκόλπιος Ανθολογία".

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Thank you. When it is in the second meaning, it is like a resume ?
No, nothing like a resume.  Here is an example pdf:  http://www.syte.gr/paremvasi/egolpio/egolpio_2009.pdf
κάτι που οδηγεί??
No, I mean "guide", a set of rules and instructions.