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Is it correct syntax to use the word όμως at the beginning of the sentence.

ex:  'Ομως εγώ δεν ήξερα τίποτα.

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I use 'nevertheless' sometimes as a conjunction but not usually at the beginning of a sentence.

Εγώ δεν ήξερα τίποτα όμως θα μάθω

I may be wrong!

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Yes, you may use “όμως” at the beginning of a sentence.  However that sentence by itself may not have a full meaning, since “όμως” is used to connect two different meanings.

The sentence “'Ομως εγώ δεν ήξερα τίποτα” seems out of context.  We need more information to understand the situation.  For example:

Συγνώμη που δεν ήρθα στη συνάντηση χθες.  'Ομως εγώ δεν ήξερα τίποτα.  Κανένας δε με ειδοποίησε.
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