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Is there a common root between the two words αρχή (beginning) and αρχηγός (chief)?  They look so similar.


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I understand αρχή to mean 'principal' not beginning? as in school principal, main person.

αρχηγός means main person or chief.

Our teacher will tell me if I am completely wrong

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Hello Mikra and Ιάκοβε

In modern Greek αρχή means 1. "start, beginning" and

                                                   2. "authority"

αρχηγός means "leader, shief"

These two words have a common root, the ancient Greek verb "άρχω", which has a double meaning:  1. "make a start"

                  2. "govern, lead"

These two meanings ("make a start" and "lead") are different, but not irrelevant. A leader in ancient times (before democracy was established) was the person who decided and took initiative for many things, in other words he made a start of many issues concerning the state and the people.

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