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ντύνοντε or ντύνονται is the correct spelling?
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The correct spelling is ντύνονται


This is how the verb is conjugated:

Present Tense - Passive

εγώ ντύνομαι = I am getting  dressed

εσύ ντύνεσαι = you are getting dressed

αυτός ντύνεται = he is getting dressed

εμείς ντυνόμαστε = we are getting dressed

εσείς ντύνεστε = you are getting dressed

αυτοί ντύνονται = they are getting dressed


In simple words, if a verb in Present Tense ends with the sound ε, it is spelled with αι, except for the first plural  and second plural form. These two forms are spelled with ε.

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