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In the text book I use for all my studies there is a list of some expressions and one I really cannot understand!

It is  Όσο να πεις κρεμμύδι and translated as In a jiffy or in a moment!

Now I know that κρεμμίδι  translates as onions (why is there a double μ as I thought doubes are not used much in middle of words in modern Greek?) so is κρεμμίδι used in another context.

Ευχαριστώ πάλι

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It is just an idiomatic expression, which translates to "very quickly, instantly".

Similar expressions are:

όσο να πεις κρεμμύδι
ώσπου να πεις κρεμμύδι
όσο να πεις κύμινο
ώσπου να πεις κύμινο
στο πιτς φιτίλι
στο πι και φι
στο άψε σβήσε

There is no special rule why κρεμμύδι takes double μ.  It is just the way we spell it.
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