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What's the difference between these four things?
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Ιάκοβος is correct.

Inside a house, all those words refer to the bathroom.  Λουτρό and μπάνιο are geared more towards cleaning the body, while τουαλέτα and αποχωρητήριο are more synonyms to WC.

More specifically:
λουτρό : Special room with sanitary equipment (like washbasin and bathtub), for cleaning the body and taking a bath.
μπάνιο : Same like "λουτρό", a little more informal.  Also means “taking a bath” or "swimming in the sea".
τουαλέτα : toilet, bathroom, restroom, gown (formal evening dress).
WC : Same like the English word WC.  Usually public bathrooms are marked as WC.
αποχωρητήριο : WC, lavatory.

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I will have a go at this!  I always say μπάνιο when I mean BATH as in asking for a room with a bath (as opposed to a shower)

I understand that λούτρο is also just another word for bath

Saying που είναι η τουαλέτα; is asking where the toilet is although it translates as bathroom - in America they might say where is the bathroom or restroom assuming this has a toilet in it whereas in UK we expext a toilet but not necessarily a bath!

I do not know if WC is used in Greek but I have heard somewhere the word αποχορητήριο ? as meaning lavatory but do not know if this is spelled correctly.

Perhaps our teacher will advise further.

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The word WC appears often in apartment listings - "3 υ/δ, μπάνιο, wc".