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This little word "αι".  I see it in front of phrases.  What does it mean exactly?

αι στο καλό

αι Γιάννης  =  (means Saint John ?)




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Αη-Γιάννης (this is the correct spelling) means Saint John. Αη comes from the word Άγιος( = Saint).

Άει στο καλό means "I don't believe you" or "get lost!" Αει or άντε or άιντε means "go to".

Other similar expressions:

"'Aει χάσου", "'Αει στα κομμάτια", "Αει στο διάολο". All these phrases are swear words and they mean " get lost", "go to Hell".

For more details about άντε, check this answer:

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Regarding 'get lost'!