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What does it mean exactly the phrase: μαθαίνω Ελληνικά

I know it means "I earn Greek".  Does it also mean "I teach Greek"?  If so, then how can I tell the difference?
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Two different words!

μαΘαίνω = I learn but διδάσκω =  I teach.

δάσκαλος is a teacher


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"μαθαίνω" basically means "I learn"

"μαθαίνω κάτι σε κάποιον" means "I teach something to someone".


Μαθαίνω να οδηγώ, για να πάρω δίπλωμα οδήγησης. = I am learning to drive, to get my driver's license.

Ο πατέρας μου μου έμαθε να οδηγώ. = My father taught me how to drive.
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