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Is it "very stingy"?

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Don't think this is correct spelling - maybe you mean Τζαμπατζής ?

Haven't heard this word a lot - but it could mean 'deadhead' or stupid.

What do others think?



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"Τσαμπατζής", or more commonly "τζαμπατής".

The root of “τζαμπατζής” is “τζάμπα”, a word of Turkish origin. It is used informally and it means “free of charge”, “in vain”, “without success”.


Δεν πλήρωσα τον καφέ μου, ήταν τζάμπα. = I didn't pay for the coffee, it was free of charge.

Τζάμπα ανησυχούσες, όλα πήγαν καλά. = You were concerned in vain. Everything went ok.

Τζαμπατζής is a slang word in Modern Greek. It means someone who always pursues to do or get things without paying appropriately, someone who lives parasitically.

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