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what is the meaning please of this expression "κάνω χρέη"?

Ευχαριστώ πολύ.

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Χρέος means debt.  However the expression “κάνω χρέη” or more formally “εκτελώ χρέη” has nothing to do about financial debts. 

It means “I am doing the job of” or “I am doing the tasks of”.  It also implies that I am substituting someone who ought to do this job/task, I am only doing it temporarily as this is not my main task/job.

Εκτελώ χρέη οδηγού.  I am doing the job of a driver.
Είμαι οδηγός.  I am a driver.

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Yes! thanks for the answers. For the case I am asking,the answer of teacher Vassiliky  is more suitable.
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Might it mean 'I have debts'?
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No, it has nothing to do with real debts.