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Ηι, could you let me know when using ο εαυτός μου do we always use in the Accusative?

e.g. "Ο Αντρέας έφτιαξε τη μηχανή τον εαυτο του",  is this sentence correct?  "O Ανδρέας έφτιαξε την μηχανή ο εαυτός του?"  or should we use the nominative  "o εαυτος του"?


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In this case, If we want to say "by himself", we would not use "ο εαυτός του" or "τον εαυτό του". In greek, in order to say that we made or did something by ourselves, we mostly use "μόνος/-η μου". The correct sentence would be:

Ο Ανδρέας έφτιαξε τη μηχανή μόνος του. --> in nominative, so as to be in agreement with the subject (Ο Ανδρέας), because it refers to it.

Regarding to "εαυτός", we do not use "ο εαυτός μου" only in accusative, but it always depends on its role in the sentence, as it happens with all pronouns (or nouns, etc.) in Greek. What I mean is, for example, that we use the accusative form:

- when it is the object of the verb:

e.g. Κοιτάζω τον εαυτό μου στον καθρέφτη ( = I look myself in the mirror) or Να φροντίζεις τον εαυτό σου ( = You should take care of yourself)

- when there is a preposition before (e.g. με, από, για, προς, σε):

e.g. Είναι αυστηρός με τον εαυτό του ( = he is strict to himself) or Να μιλάς μόνο για τον εαυτό σου ( = you should only talk about yourself!)

But we use the nominative form when it is the subject or the predicate:

e.g. O εαυτός σου είναι πιο σημαντικός από τη γνώμη του κόσμου ( = yourself is more important than people's opinion) or Να είσαι πάντα ο εαυτός σου ( = you should always be yourself)

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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