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What is epitaph or epitaphios ?

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The word "επιτάφιος" in Greek has the following two meanings:

Epitaph - short text honoring a deceased person.

Epitaphios - Greek Orthodox church ceremony the night of Holy Friday.

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In my church on Holy Friday morning the women and girls bring flowers and decorate the επιτάφιος (Christ's' bier' if you wish).

Sorry, if I can add some information, I have found this description for the Epitaphion:
The word Epitáphios is composite, from the Greek ἐπί, epí, "on" or "upon", and τάφος, táphos, "grave" or "tomb". In Greek the word has, inter alia, the meaning of both the English epitaph and the liturgical one.( It's took from the link provided by teacher Vassiliky).
In addition, the Epitaphion can replace the whole Church, the Holy Liturgy  can be celebrated on the Epitaphion alone if there is no place to celebrate It.
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