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I’m having a customs necklace made with my son’s name (George). I will be the one wearing the necklace- in order for it to be grammatically correct do I use, Γεώργιος vs. Γεώργιo ?

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The best would be Γεώργιος (since you are using his formal name - the name, which was given during the baptism, otherwise it could be Γιώργος), because it doesn't have context and it might seem a bit bizarre to use it in its conjugated form.

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We will have him baptized in the spring! So now I’m curious what is the difference between Γιώργος vs Γεώργιος?
Thank  you for your help!
"Γεώργιος" is the more formal/official version of the name.  People will call him "Γιώργο", and will refer to him as "ο Γιώργος"  while all legal documents will state " Γεώργιος", "ο Γεώργιος"