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I am learning Greek and as I was reading the news I saw this phrase.  Tried the lexicon, could not understand the phrase.  Looks like ancient Greek to me.

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The phrase “εκ των ων ουκ ανευ” is an ancient phrase that has survived in modern Greek. It means “irreplaceable”, “absolutely necessary”.

It is a formal phrase and we do not use it when we speak in our everyday life. We may hear it, for example, in the speech of a politician or a scientist.

Example:  “Ο σεβασμός στα ανθρώπινα δικαιώματα είναι εκ των ων ουκ ανευ σ' ένα πολιτισμένο κράτος ”. = Τhe respect in human rights is absolutely necessary in a civilized country.


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