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Would I say   Αυτή είναι η σύζυγός μου Μτρέντα  -   or would I put an η before Brenda?

And........Με λένε μοθ είναι Γκόρωτον  or  ο  Gordon?

Finally - I get confused about the difference between η  without and with a tonos over it

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Γεια σου και πάλι Ιάκοβε.

We say:

“Αυτή είναι η σύζυγός μου η Μπρέντα” οr:
“Αυτή είναι η σύζυγός μου  Μπρέντα”  

Both are correct. The first one, though, is much more common.

When we use the phrase “Με λένε”, we never put an article before the name.

“Με λένε Γκόρντον.”
“Με λένε Βασιλική.”

η (without τόνος) is a feminine definite article.
Example: “η Μαρία είναι εδώ.” = “Maria is here.”

ή (with τόνος) means “or
Example: “Θέλεις καφέ ή γάλα;” = “Do you want coffee or milk?”

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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