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What literally does the lyric "λεβέντες" from the children of piraeus song by Melina Mercouri mean?

It's from the couplet 
Που σαν θα μεγαλώσουν όλα
Θα γίνουν λεβέντες για χάρη του Πειραιά

she says "oh how I'd love to have (1,2,3 or 4) children, who'd all grow up to become "λεβέντες" for the sake of Piraeus... is this an expression?



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The Greek words λεβέντης (male) and λεβέντισσα (female) describe a person that inspire respect by having some or all of the following virtues: honesty, pride, courage, fearlessness, or physical characteristics: tall, handsome, well built.

The word "το παλικάρι/παλληκάρι" (neuter) is a synonym word.

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