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Is it the same like "βρε"?

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Hello Helen

When I lived in Cyprus καλέ was used as a term of endearment such as 'goodie' 'mate' or 'sweetheart'

but.....as I am only in my second year of Greek I stand to be corrected!

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Sorry, but as I heard it it means "friends"
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We may say "καλέ" when we address someone in Greek, similar to "βρε".

Τι κάνεις καλέ, είσαι καλά; (= Hey, what are you doing, are you ok?)
Τι κάνετε εκεί, καλέ; (= Hey, what are you doing over there?)

Kαλέ is actually more polite than βρε, because it comes from the adjective καλός, καλή, καλό (= good, nice), while βρε comes from the ancient adjective μωρός, μωρή, μωρό (= stupid).

Kαλέ is the vocative case of the masculine adjective καλός while βρε comes from the vocative case of the adjective μωρός.

For more information about "βρε" please see  https://learn-greek-online.com/ask-greek/27/what-does-vre-mean

Καλέ can be used when we address a man, a woman or many people.  It is an informal and friendly way to address someone and we never use it in formal occasions. It is considered a little feminine expression, that means you will hear more women than men say it.

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