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What does ανάρμοστο mean?

Is it something like "λάθος"?

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ανάρμοστος” in Greek means “inappropriate”, “offensive”.

Example: “Η συμπεριφορά σου απέναντι στους γονείς σου είναι ανάρμοστη.” ( = Your behavior towards your parents is inappropriate.)

Actually the adjective ανάρμοστος (masc.), ανάρμοστη (fem.), ανάρμοστο (neut.) is a compound word. The first part is the letter “α” which indicates opposition to the meaning of the next part of the word, and the second part comes from the ancient Greek verb “αρμόττω” (αρμόζω in modern Greek), which means "to be appropriate”.

The word “λάθος” is a noun and it means “mistake”, “fault”.
Therefore the words “ανάρμοστο” and “λάθος” could be considered synonyms in a very wide frame of reference, but other synonyms much closer to the meaning of “ανάρμοστος” are “αταίριαστος”, “ακατάλληλος”, “ανήθικος”.

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