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Is there a quick rule to remember when we use "νερό" (singular) and when "νερά" (plural)?

Like do we say "θέλω δύο νερό" or "θέλω δύο νερά" in the sense of "θέλω δύο μπουκάλια ή ποτήρια νερό";
Well as an Hebrew speaker I always wondered- because in Hebrew- water "mayim"
is always in plural and when we ask for it in a restaurant or a kiosk it will always be with an additional for the container i.e. 2 glasses/ bottles of  "mayim" or one 1 of  "mayim" !

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νερό is water.

We do not really count water, so for the sea you would say: Η θάλασσα έχει πάρα πολύ νερό  = There is very much water in the sea,
The plural is νερά, so you would say :  δώσε με δύο νερά = give me two glasses (or bottles) of water.

But we do this only because make the association  νερό = ποτήρι = glass of water, and we can count them with ease :
δύο νερά = δύο ποτήρια νερό = two glasses of water.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vasiliki Baskou, Instructor/Director, https://learn-greek-online.com.

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So , I ask for "δύο νερά" at the kiosk?   Because I think I hear people saying δύο νερό...
Well, they will understand you, it is correct according to the logic I have explained above.  However it is more accurate is to say:
Δύο μπουκάλια (or μπουκαλάκια) νερό.
How would I I say "there is no hot water" or "the water in the sea is very good"?
"there is no hot water" = δεν έχει ζεστό νερό, δεν υπάρχει ζεστό νερό.

"the water in the sea are very good" = η θάλασσα είναι πολύ καλή (meaning the sea water is warm etc).  Το νερό είναι ζεστό.
I have never hear a Greek ask for "δύο νερό".   They usually ask for "δύο νερά".