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I want to know what does mwri (μωρή) translate to in English.


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"μωρή" is the feminine gender of the adjective μωρός, μωρή, μωρό.

“μωρός” means immature (ανώριμος) or idiot

See here for a full discussion of μωρός and βρε.

"Μωρή" is used when someone talks with great disrespect to a woman, in order to express anger.  It is very impolite. 

In modern Greek it is only used in vocative case form:

Μωρή, τι είναι αυτό που έκανες;  Πέταξες τα ρούχα μου;

You idiot, what did you do?  You have thrown my clothes away?

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